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Your guided Conquer The Canyon adventure begins the moment you connect with one of our non-profit (.ORG) partners. With a warm welcome they invite you to learn more about their vital cause and mission. They are eager to share information with you about who they are, what they do and who they are supporting. They are excited to have you join their team and at the same time, look forward to helping you achieve your goals.

Conquer The Canyon is a grand celebration of your accomplishment in supporting the mission that brought you to this magnificent place. While the views are surreal, the goals you set at the beginning of your adventure are completed here, at one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. The Mission Celebration is very real!

Conquer The Canyon offers you an intimate experience with Earth. Created in 2003 by The Walking Connection, this inspiring adventure leads you along this great chasm created by the lift of the Colorado Plateau and intricate carvings of the Colorado River a mile below.

You'll take in the awe-inspiring views found only along the rolling hills of its rim, and experience the movement of its colors from the sun drenched depths below. You can choose from its meandering roads and paths above, venture down one of its challenging trails, or simply enjoy its views. Whether you walk, hike or wheel, Conquer The Canyon offers something for everyone!

Conquer The Canyon walks and hikes are led by expert Walking Connection Grand Canyon guides. Your small group of 6 - 7 participants will take in the most scenic and breathtaking canyon in the world. You will experience the peace, solitude, beauty and adventure that can only be found on a journey at Grand Canyon. There are no "start and finish" lines, competition or timers, and marathon distances are covered by how far the eyes can see, not by how far your feet can carry you. This is an adventure of total enjoyment.

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