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Image and Video Gallery

The following images are a sampling from the hundreds of images we have either taken ourselves or those that have been provided by hikers and guests from other groups and .ORG Partners! We hope you will pack your camera and post images and videos of your Conquer The Canyon adventure on: Facebook | Flickr | Twitter | YouTube.

Please follow the links below or click the thumbnails on the right hand side of the page to see a larger image. Click back on your browser to return to this gallery.

Conquer The Canyon Hiker & Guest Videos & Images*

These are images taken by Conquer The Canyon staff, .ORG Partners, volunteers and mostly participants. They are posted on private pages, Flickr, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter & some were just e-mailed to us for posting on this site. Some third party sites may require you to join the sites or become a "Friend" to access the postings. Most, if not all are FREE. Enjoy!

Hike For SHELTER- Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon - Hike For SHELTER 30 Images Facebook
Conquer The Canyon
Team ASF (Angelman Syndrome Foundation) - Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon - Team ASF - (Angelman Syndrome Foundation) 64 Images Facebook
Jennifer Guzzarde
Grand Canyon - Team Connor (Angelman Syndrome Foundation) 16 Images Facebook
Brad McGarry
Grand Canyon - Team Ayleah (Angelman Syndrome Foundation) 15 Images Facebook
Stephanie Keen
Grand Canyon - Team ASF (Angelman Syndrome Foundation) 48 Images Facebook
Conquer The Canyon
Hike Guru
Grand Canyon - Team Ayleah! (Angelman Syndrome Foundation) 74 Images Facebook
Kimberly Ervin
Team Reeve - Grand Canyon (Annie Hayes) Video Conquer The Canyon - Team Reeve
Flickr Image Slide Show (2009) - Team Diabetes 205 Images Posted by Arshia R.,
Team D
Flickr Image Set - Conquer The Canyon (2005 - 2009) 79 Images Gene Taylor
Flickr Conquer The Canyon Slide Show (2001 - 2007) Grand Canyon 159 Images Grand Canyon Guru
Video (2009) Short - Gene & Jo Ann Taylor) Video

Michael Sinopoli
Team Reeve

Grand Canyon Video (2009) - Team Reeve Slide Show Rob Klein
Sedona, AZ - Video (2009) - Team CRI Slide Show Wendy Greenberg
Facebook Gallery - (2009) Team Diabetes 39 Images Gene Taylor
On The Trail - (2009) Team Diabetes Video Marj Meiers
Facebook Gallery - (2009) Team Diabetes 11 Images Kelli Rickard
Facebook Gallery - (2009) Team Reeve 20 Images Rob Klein
Facebook Gallery - (2009) - Team Reeve 13 images Annie Hayes
Facebook Gallery - (2009) - Team Reeve 5 Images Lynn Hayes
Vimeo (Video) - (2009) - Annie Hayes Video (Trailer) Michael Sinopoli
Facebook Gallery - (2009) - Team CRI 40 images Gene Taylor
Facebook Gallery - (2009) - Fan Gallery 15 Images Team D
Facebook Gallery - (2009) - Profile Pics CTC 5 Images Gene Taylor
Facebook Gallery - (2009) Team Reeve 40 Images Gene Taylor
Facebook Gallery - (2009) Team Diabetes 79 Images David Foster
Facebook Gallery - (2009) Team CRI 15 Images Laurie Saunders
Facebook Gallery - (2009) - Profile Pics Team Diabetes 15 Images David Foster

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*Images, videos and electronic files posted on third party websites are the property and responsibility of individual posting the images. Images, videos and electronic files posted on were either submitted by members, participants, friends and/or staff of our .ORG Partners. They are published with permission and are ©2010 copyrighted by The Walking Connection. Should you see any image you find objectionable or that is published without permission or proper photographic/owner credit, please e-mail us immediately. We will remove any offending image as soon as possible.

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