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Project Purple 

Grand Canyon Hike & Adventure

April 20 - 23, 2018

If hiking Grand Canyon was easy, EVERYONE would do it. But they don't! Less than 1% of visitors ever set foot on a trail below the rim. Why? Because there are no easy trails into or out of Grand Canyon.

Why should you Conquer The Canyon?


  • Because it's a personal challenge and rewarding achievement .

  • Because you will succeed at doing what other won't even attempt.

  • Because reaching behind to help others while you look forward is just who you are. It's in your DNA.   


To venture beyond the rim into the depths of the Canyon is to get a true understanding of it's immense scale and your personal connection to the power of nature itself.  Project Purple & iConquer - Grand Canyon Hike & Adventure provides you with the opportunity to experience both. At the same time, you will help support the Project Purple mission. 


Here is what Project Purple Team & iConquer can do for you.

  • Provide exclusive entrée into an exclusive Grand Canyon Adventure unlike anything else on Earth.

  • Help prepare and train you for the rigors of an outdoor adventure in and out of Grand Canyon.

  • Expand your social circles and provide you the opportunity to become part of a community and team.

  • Empower you to succeed. You'll complete an adventure most people would never even start.


Here is what you can do for Project Purple clients.


  • Help restore hope and save lives by fundraising as you train.

  • Help build a community that embraces the Project Purple mission and provide critical support.


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